(The Legend of Heroes - Trails to Azure)
Role: main translator
Started on 24/10/2016
Main script characters done by Guren: 907762+
Main script characters done by Flame: 31262+
Main script characters done by Kitsune: 41247+
Main script characters done by others: 16061+
Main script total: 996324
/1629086 =  61.16%+

Files done by me: 287
Files done by others: 8+ other parts
Total: 311/351

Other things done: 
Weapons, armors, footwear, accessories, items and their descriptions.
Valuables and descriptions.
Ingredients and descriptions.
Fish and descriptions.
Arts and descriptions.
Quartz and descriptions.
Crafts and descriptions.
S-Crafts and descriptions.
Location names.
Shop names.
NPC names.
Recipes, effects and descriptions.
Records and descriptions.
Ailments and descriptions.
Books and descriptions.
EXTRAs section.
Fishing, Poker, Blackjack, Horror Coaster, Pom! minigames dialogs and tutorials.
Monsters' names and descriptions.

To do:
Crossbell Times content
Agnes in the Sunny Place content
Detective Notebook

(The Legend of Heroes - Trails from Zero)
Role: main translator. Currently at 100% on 5th october 2016
Heavy QC play testing phase done for v4 patch, about 200 hours, 16th october 2016
Lots of stuff fixed.
-All images need to be edited.
-Hacker working on a Monster Notebook insert tool.
-Also working on eboot.
-On Vita ecfw TN-V, the game gives a lot of problems (texts that should be there are not displaying).
No problems if run with the ppsspp pc emulator.
-In editing hell since time immemorial
-A version 99.99%  translated was leaked by a tester. It's missing a heavy editing pass, other adjustments 
and playtesting of the edited version. It's fully playable and understandable, but it's not the best experience you could get.

Role: very minimal help with checking some images translations; suggested a thousand fixes, more than seven hundred done. Some very sparse translations.

Role: deep QC for all the items, monsters, nicknames and so on desrciptions; almost all the EBOOT translation; translated almost all the monsters descriptions; deep QC on all skills and their descriptions and other stuff.


  1. Hello! I was really hoping for ao no kiseki and I see you guys are translating it ^_^ Thank you guys! I am a big fan of the kiseki series and I am so happy to see this. Question though, is this site updated from time to time? As in is the translation still going on or is it dead? I hope its not dead. I also see you guys translated another of my favourite games nayuta no kiseki as well as unchained blades exxiv. When can we expect full translation of ao no kiseki? And will unchained blades exxiv ever be completed?

  2. Hi.
    To sum it up:
    Zero: I and the other guys gave permission to the guys at to edit the full translation, fix it and so on. I don't know when it'll come out, or if it ever will at all.
    Ao: this in progress and regularly updated, as you can see by the date.
    Still a long way to go.
    EXXIV: I don't know anything about this except it got stuck and it's still stuck. I was only involved with the project for a little while. You can only follow the topic on gbatemp for this game.
    Nayuta: you should thank Flame and the others for this, I only caught typos and mistakes here and there while playing, nothing more.

  3. Hi! A big kiseki fan here! I just want to ask, do you have an estimate release date for the Ao English Patch? Would it be possible to release it by next year? I really want to play Ao in English because I heard that it is the best trails game among the series because of the storyline, plot twists, characters and its badass battle ost's. I really hope you'll release it by next year so that after the official fan translation of Zero has been released, you'll be the next to release Ao. Thank you for your wonderful answer! Goodluck! May Aidios be with you! 😊

  4. I can't really give an estimate. I hope that at least the translation is over in a year, but I can't really say for sure. A lot depends on real life stuff and the prospects are not looking good for me.

    1. I understand. Thank you for the answer! I hope the Ao project is going well. We fans can wait as long as we play it on English. Thank you for the effort of taking over the Ao English project. In behalf of other fans,we truly appreciate your efforts on translating the game although it is one of the biggest game in the series, you still decided to translate it on behalf of the fans! Thank you and Goodluck!! 😉

    2. As long as its translated, I don't mind waiting a year or two. Waited a long time, a lil more is nothing :) If there's any way I could help(proofreading would be my specialty), let me know. Always glad to help esp for a game I love. A lot of fans are waiting for this. As long as you don't give up on it, people will be waiting for crossbell arc which many consider to be the best in the kiseki series.

  5. aren't giving up, right?

    1. Not for now. And even if I were to, someone else would finish it.

  6. Hey Guren! About the translation, are you also going to translate the title menu text of Ao No Kiseki to Trails to Azure and will you also be translating the arts list and manual in the detective notebook?

    1. I don't know about the title, for Zero it was translated and the title screen image and save icons were changed too. Other images like manuals and arts lists should be translated too, but I think someone else will do those.

    2. About the translation progress, is it a weekly update? I mean, are you updating the translation progress every week?

    3. Usually I update the % every time I finish to translate a file, but most of the times I update when I simply remember to do it.

  7. Last question, if the patch is already finished where are you going to post or release the english patch of ao no kiseki? Thank you!!

    1. I don't know where it will be released, but I suppose on the heroes of legend website and I guess a link will be put on gbatemp too. That's hoping that no tester leaks the entire thing while it's still incomplete.

  8. Hey guys, thanks for all the hard work you're putting into this and know that it's greatly appreciated.I'll definitely send a donation sometime in the fall when I'm able to, so know that you'll always have my support. Thanks again and can't wait to see what the finished product eventually looks like.

    A quick question I wanted to ask though, but will this patch/translation be available for the PC version of Ao as well? I know the Zero one will be from geofront, and it'd probably make things easier than getting an emulator or something if at all possible. Thanks if you can answer! :)

    1. We're focusing on the PSP version, but I asked and a PC version should be possible too based on the findings a group made when they did a Korean fantranslation, but it's not my field so... The possibility is there, although no one is working on that now.

    2. Hi Guren, is there a way I can send you a private message. I don't see a way on this blog site to contact you.

    3. The quickest way is to make an account here and then send me a pm. No, we're not looking for additional help or testers now, if that's what you want to talk about :)

    4. Ok Thx Guren, waiting for my account to be activated. I signed up as Darkonus. The Question I have is about something else.

    5. Are you Guren on the forums? Can't seem to find you.

    6. I saw that the address is different now and indeed there're only 10 users with a D nickname and you're not among them. Try this one:

    7. Waiting for my account to be activated I just replied to the Questionnaire email. Hopefully will be active tomorrow.

    8. Huh,suppose that's good to know, hope somebody makes it happen in that case, and again appreciate all the work you're doing :)

  9. i really appreciate for your works, especially for Zero no Kiseki. Cant wait for english translation of Ao no Kiseki.
    anyway, did you accept donation? thru paypal maybe? thanks

    1. Thanks. There's a button for donations on the top right, although that was put there when the blog started for translating manga, so way before I started helping with games too, but if you want...

  10. The question i have is in relation to the time it takes working on the project. I understand that you have a "translation time period" and also an "editing time period" where you go back and finalize everything. My question is which takes longer to accomplish, the translation or the editing phase.

    How does this work exactly?

    Also another quick question related to the leaked game of zero. I am currently playing it since there is nothing else, but exactly what type of errors and inconsistencies are in that game. I do notice the translation is deff not xseed level, its a bit more literal in a sense.

    1. Hi.
      They both take a lot. It also depends on how many people are working on both phases. The more, the lesser it takes, but it can become confusing (different people, different styles, different views...) so that's why the lesser is better for consistency. You also need people in the editing phase who are familiar with the series, who preferably have played the game they're editing and can spot suspicious stuff. Knowledge of Japanese would be great too to have, since many times you can understand why x has translated something in some way just by looking at the original text (for puns, speech styles, names...).

      As for your other question, we were still debating what to choose for Chinese based names (someone wanted them divided, Shan Shan, Mei Ling, Zhang Hui, Xi Lun, Mei Hua...but I wanted them compounded, so Shanshan, Meiling and so on, because Falcom used Heiyue and Rixia, so I think we should follow their naming style...). There was also the option to go with their direct romanization from Japanese, so Xi Lun would be Shiron, Mei Hua would be Meifa, Lang would be Ran, Ling (the Bracer), would be Rin and so on. Maybe we did a mix of all this. There's also a problem with Kilika, who should be Kirika like you can see in her naming card after completing the game...but XS used Kilika and so, do you follow with what they did or not? What about other of their mistranslations like Mishy and Mishelam instead of Michey and Michelam (appears in various places in game). Michey is also a reference to Mickey Mouse, with some differences (cat - mouse, little sis - fiancee, michey (read misshi) - mickey, but both are popular mascots of a super popular theme park...). It doesn't end there. Hartmann's title is Chairman (it can also mean Speaker, but Falcom chose that), and XS in CSII chose...Speaker. What do you use then? Next, C.P.S. means Crossbell Police School (official), but XS used Crossbell Police Academy... What about Lechter Arundel? He's got this name in CS but has a different one in 3d (I think) and a different one in Zero-Ao. What do we use? The last one? Is it Geofront or Geo Front? Section, Division or Blok? District Crime Prevention Department? Section? Wide Crime? Is it Crime Investigation Section 1 (and 2) or Division 1 (and 2)?
      There were all these things to still decide upon.
      There're still typos and mistakes (the usual you're/your, we'll/will, alright/all right...), inconsistencies with items, quartz and arts descriptions if you go read those of FC/SC and probably 3rd too, maybe naming differences. I don't remember if we used only real names for fish or not. The game needed a heavy pass to check all this. It's missing some translated lines in battle (just a few that we couldn't locate were the game stores them), the splash pages and the tutorials are still in Japanese (everything was translated, it was a matter of cleaning the original stills and insert the texts with a suitable font). Maybe the books too are still in Japanese, although even those were translated and edited (yet, I think there're still a couple of translation problems in the Back Alley Doctor Glenn novel).
      And the whole translation needed to be edited to flow better, because yes, it is as much literal as possible, at least on my part, since that's what Zero G wanted. So, in the end, it wasn't finished, it was missing things to be inserted, there were things still not decided, things to be probably changed and it needed a couple of passes to make the translation better. And it was leaked. The nerve! I hope at least people can enjoy it in some way. You can't even imagine how much we worked our asses off on the project, how many hours, of our free time, went into it, from the entire team.

  11. Hey guys. Just passing by to thank you for the translation of Zero no Kiseki. I finished the game not long ago and it was absolutely amazing. I am really grateful that you are also translating the sequel.
    Hope you have a great summer :).

    1. Thank you for your kind words, but I'd like to remember you that this is a one man only blog. You should go to the if you want to thank the other guys who did really a lot to make the game patch happen. Also, don't forget that Gu4n and his team are combing and fixing the script to bring it to a whole different level of quality. Maybe you could replay the game when their version is done to have a better experience. Thank you for the great summer too, but it's been horrible until now and I know it's going to be even worse from now on :(

  12. Hello! I'd like to thank you, guren, for your efforts translating these beasts of games. It's really appreciated.
    Quick question: for Ao are you translating it in the same (very) literal way as was requested for Zero or are you giving it a more natural flow?

    Good luck with everything!

    1. Hi, it's a little less literal, but it'll need the usual pass to make it flow a lot more natural. Thank you for the good luck thing, but only winning the lottery could really help me. Or finding a full time job. They both have exactly the same chances, though.

  13. Getting near the end of Zero no Kiseki so I really want this soon! Thanks for the hard work.

  14. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. o/

  15. Yay! More than 50! Keep up the good work ^_^ rooting for you!

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  17. I want to drop by and say that I am rooting for you guys. There is so much text to translate! Especially how the NPCs change what they say often. I can't even begin to imagine how much work there is apart from other things you guys have going on in your lives. I am truly grateful! I love these games so much, and to see fellow fans want to bring the other games to us with the highest quality possible is beyond appreciated!

  18. oh man, i hope i can ply this 1st b4 cold steel 2 pc comes out

  19. Nice one.

    Thank you for your hard work!!!!!

  20. 61.16% and counting! Waaaaah. I hope it would come out before 2017 ends. Haha! More power. I'm rooting for you guys.