Wednesday, February 25, 2015

201) Gakuen Heaven c47

Gakuen Heaven c47

It's time to ruin another manga.
This is Gakuen Heaven by U-JIN.
It's a light hentai, but still a NSFW series (for the majority of its chapters).
You won't see genitalia, fluids or other stuff U-JIN does in his other pure
hentai recent works. Gakuen Heaven is a sort of romantic comedy with
some spice here and there. I guess. Maybe.
The 46 previous chapters can be found around the web.
They were translated by different groups so  they have some
inconsistencies within names and other minor stuff, but nothing you can't figure out.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

200) Vagabond c324

Vagabond c324

Here's the latest chapter.
Note that on page 3, the word Suga
uses mean childish/immature and "very young".
Is he surprised by Koji's young age or by his inexperience
with the situation (coming to a castle, fighting an instructor, the etiquette...).
I went with the second with a gut feeling...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

195) Azumi v11 c05 (c85), Vagabond c323

Azumi v11 c05 (c85)
Life in the temple...
and some NSFW.

Vagabond c323
A new chapter after a lot of time.
This is a stealthy v2 with some fixes.
There should be another two or three things
to fix, but I don't care any more. You can read
the more accurate version from Imperial Scans, if you want.

See you in a couple of days.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

193) Little Boy Part2, MU-KAI

Little Boy Part2
Here it is, the first part was translated sometime ago by Animefangirl.
You can find it in the usual places.
This a manga that Adachi only drew, the story is not his.
How is this then? It's horrible.

This is a one-shot by the Battle Angel Alita's author (drawings)
but drafted by SF writer Tobi Hirotaka.
It was published in the same issue with the first chapter of
Gunnm Mars Chronicle. Pixie asked me if I wanted to translate the new Gunnm
but not being sure if I could commit to it until the end (got too many problems here)
I had to decline, but when they asked if I was interested in this one-shot, I jumped in
and did it during some spare time. Then stuff happened and it was released only today.
Thanks to KIKE for providing raws and for cleaning a good part of it.